Il dizionario giusto al momento giusto


  • Nicoleta Nesu


Dictionary, Title-word, Meaning, Translation, Teaching


The present text aims to give a brief description of the recent Valentina Negritescu’s Dictionary, published by the Hoepli publishing house in Milan this year. A real editorial event, structured on 1648 pages, containing more than 70,000 title-words, with more than 140,000 meanings and more than 250,000 translations, for all those interested in the study of the Romanian language and literature: teachers, translators or simple readers, both Romanian and Italian. After a brief description of the publishing house and its main publications dedicated to the Romanian language, we will focus on the novelties that the dictionary brings. It is also an opportunity to bring back into discussion the role that the dictionary can play in the teaching of foreign languages, in light of the recent coordinates of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe.






Note e discussioni