Manifesto contro la disoccupazione nell'Unione Europea (An economists' manifesto on unemployment in the European Union)


  • Franco Modigliani
  • Jean-Paul Fitoussi
  • Beniamino Moro
  • Dennis Snower
  • Robert Solow
  • Alfred Steinherr
  • Paolo Sylos Labini


Parole chiave:

Economic aspects, Employment, Unemployment, European Union


In this Manifesto, we make a set of proposals to fight unemployment in EU. We believe that the European unemployment problem needs to be attacked on two fronts: through a broad spectrum of supply-side policies and the de-mand management policy. The expansion of aggregate demand is necessary to increase both investment and employment. However, unless supply-side measures are also taken, demand expansion can result in more inflation in-stead of more employment, because of the mismatch between the demand and supply of labour. What is important to stress is that both demand- and supply-side policies must be adopted together by all European countries, in order both to avoid beggar-my-neighbour problems and, at the same time, to catch all the possible complementary effects of these policies.



JEL Codes: E24, E60, J30, J60








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