About the Journal

Focus and scope

This journal focused on multidisciplinary research mainly in the areas of Biophysics and Bioengineering. BBL was devoted to scientific reports concerning both theoretical and experimental aspects of pure and applied biophysics and bioengineering.

Contributions concerning System biology, Physical biochemistry, and Biotechnology were also considered.

On BBL will appear regular, review and invited papers on biophysical and bioengineering topics, as well as reports concerning the scientific activities of CISB members and PhD students in Biophysics. Special issues were dedicated to particular scientific events or meetings sponsored by the CISB research center.

Editorial policy

Special sections of the journal were devoted to:

  • original contributions by PhD students in Biophysics from Sapienza University of Rome
  • original contributions by CISB members
  • proceedings of the scientific meetings hosted and organized by CISB

Peer review process

All contributions were submitted to the Editor in chief.

The Editorial board identified at least two external reviewers.

The authors may be asked to propose a list of potential external reviewers.

Open access policy

BBL supported open access making free the journal’s content to readers upon sending an electronic request to the Editor in chief and permitting authors to archive the papers published in this journal in institutional repositories and e-print archives.