Solar UV radiation as a double face environmental pollutant.


  • Anna Maria Siani
  • Giuseppe R. Casale
  • Sarah Modesti
  • Alfredo Colosimo


UV radiation, D vitamin


The somehow ambiguous role of solar UV radiation in its potentially dangerous and beneficial effects on human health is documented. A short critical overview of the indicators presently used to quantify the ambient and the biologically effective UV radiation  is provided, as well as a discussion of the appropriate measurement strategies. The results obtained by the GMET research group (Sapienza Rome University) on the quantification by PS dosimetry of UV exposure of workers in different outdoor occupational activities are illustrated. Finally, a widespread information on the beneficial and damaging effects of UV exposure, taken together with a better understanding of the effects of occupational exposure, is indicated as extremely useful in designing targeted and effective prevention strategies.


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Siani, A. M., Casale, G. R., Modesti, S., & Colosimo, A. (2010). Solar UV radiation as a double face environmental pollutant. Biophysics and Bioengineering Letters, 3(1). Retrieved from

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