Le traduzioni di saggistica letteraria e di memorialistica polacca: un canone in trasformazione?


Parole chiave:

non-fiction, canon, translation, Polish studies, publishing


The article proposes some of the author’s reflections that arose in collecting the bibliography of Italian translations of Polish (literary) essays and memoirs between 1991 and 2021. Firstly, the effects of the Nobel Prize on essay and memoir translations are noted. Then, considering Poland’s entry into the European Union, the need to include new European voices on topics such as contemporary history, totalitarianism and European identity is explored. Shifting the focus to the student-reader audience, a comparison was made between the ‘canon of Polonists’ and the ‘canon of publishers’. It was found that over the last thirty years, the work of Polonist-translators has brought the two canons closer together.






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