Rassegna della letteratura drammatica in Italia (1991-2021)


Parole chiave:

Polish dramaturgy, Polish dramatic literature, Polish theatre, Polish-Italian relations


The aim of this paper is to provide an overview of the Polish dramatic literature presence in Italy over the past thirty years (1991-2021). It focuses on the literary context, translations and publications, but not on the stage adaptations. The Polish dramaturgy in Italy is approached from two perspectives: a diachronic one, against the last report dating back to early nineties by Anton Maria Raffo, and a synchronic one, against the contemporary dramatic literature phenomena and trends in Poland. The condition of Polish dramaturgy in Italy over the past three decades is then summarized in terms of three key aspects: the profile of translators; the characteristics of translation and publishing initiatives; the range of translated works; and finally the fùture perspectives forthe Polish dramaturgy in Italy are outlined.






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