Sjužety zapadnoj kartinki v russkoj grafike čerez veka


Parole chiave:

Russian art, western graphics, lubok, folk picture, popular religious print, engraving


The study of Russian culture and Russian history is necessary to understand the text and the function of lubok, popular print often illustrating religious stories, which are amazingly beautiful and full of deep meaning. Of particular interest is the study of the origin of stories illustrated by the Russian lubok and popular Russian prints. Everyone knows that there are images which are typically Russian, but it is also known that many Russian pictures are adapted russified versions based on engravings of Western origin, which came to Russia from Western Europe through different channels. In this article we research the process of adapting these illustrations. This analysis highlights the wealth of information and meaning which characterizes the revisited images. This analysis allows us to better understand the existence of the popular religious prints and their role in the life of the Church.






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