Il contributo di Bruno Meriggi alla serbo-croatistica


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Bruno Meriggi, Italian slavic studies, Serbo-Croatian studies, Serbian popular epics


This article retraces the significance of Bruno Meriggi as a scholar in Serbo- Croatian studies. Meriggi, who died prematurely at 43, knew several Slavic languages and literatures, and produced important studies especially in the earliest stage of Slavic cultures, the proto-Slavic phase, as well as in Polish, Czech, Russian cultures. Later in his career, towards the end of his life, Meriggi also developed an interest for southern Slavic studies. His activity in this field can be divided into three aspects: studies on Serbian popular epics; translations and didactic writings; studies on Croatian literature. Although limited in quantity, the quality ofhis works has left a long-lasting impact in the field.






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