Alcune peculiarità morfosintattiche dei dialetti ucraini nord-orientali (contesto slavo-orientale)


Parole chiave:

dialectology, East Slavic, Polissian dialects, morphosyntax, possessive constructions, language typology


In this contribution, we first outline some of the recurrent morphosyntactic features characterizing a part of north-eastern Ukrainian dialects spoken in the Ripky area (north-west of Cemihiv) and in proximity of the Ukrainian-Bela- rusian and, to a minor extent, Russian border. Successively, we focus on the most common types of dialectal possessive constructions considered within the East Slavic context. Such constructions, especially with reference to the standard languages, have been extensively described and discussed in linguistic typological works over the last decades. However, the generalizations proposed in the aforementioned works, as pointed out elsewhere, do not always take in due account diatopic and diastratic variation and language historical developments. In this respect, the already available typological studies can undoubtedly benefit from the elaboration of recent dialect data, thus leading to a revision of the typological-linguistic classifications of (East) Slavic languages, also within the framework of European areal-typological classifications.






Discussioni e note linguistiche