Linguistic Studies in “Ricerche slavistiche” (1952-2021)



Slavic Studies, Linguistics, Slavic Linguistic Studies, History of Linguistics, History of Slavic Studies in Italy, Ricerche slavistiche


The author discusses articles published in “Ricerche slavistiche” from 1952 to 2021 pertaining the field of Slavic Linguistics, so she does not take into consideration the numerous papers devoted to philology and ecdotics. Firstly, she presents essays on lexicon and language variety (§ 1) within the various Slavic languages, then she considers those essays that are more clearly devoted to morphosyntactic phenomena (§ 2). She pays special attention to the evolution of approaches, methods and themes, together with elements of the Italian and international context helping to understand the role of “Ricerche slavistiche” in the spread and development of Linguistics in Italian Slavic studies during the seventy years of the journal’s activity.





Seventy Years of History of "Ricerche slavistiche"