The Presence of Russian Studies in “Ricerche slavistiche”: A Bibliographical Survey


  • Gabriele Mazzitelli Tor Vergata University of Rome


Russian Studies, Italian scholars of Russian literature, History of Slavic Studies in Italy, History of the Italian Slavic journals, Bibliography of Italian Slavic Studies


The article emphasizes the importance that “Ricerche slavistiche” has had for the development of Russian Studies and, more generally, for the consolidation of international appreciation for Italian Slavic Studies. The research was carried out through a bibliographic excursus which has examined all “Ricerche slavistiche” published issues, and which has also considered changes that have taken place in the academic milieu over the years. Thus, the outlined editorial and cultural path shows that the journal has always followed in the footsteps teaching and wishes that its founder, Giovanni Maver, had set in 1952.





Seventy Years of History of "Ricerche slavistiche"