Beyond Space, Beyond Time: Sumatra


  • Rosanna Morabito University of Naples "L'Orientale"


Sumatraism, First World War, Avant-garde, cosmic bonds, Miloš Crnjanski


The scholar follows the path that in the young Miloš Crnjanski’s work leads to the formulation of the theory of cosmic bonds, Sumatraism. As a survivor of the Great War, in the disintegration of civilisation provoking the first global massacre, the writer expresses and acts as a spokesman for the avant-garde instances of young artists aspiring to break down the artistic conventions of tradition to create a new art, capable of restoring meaning to deflagrated reality. Having wiped out the values of human civilisation and lacerated the primary bonds of the individual, the discovery of the network of cosmic bonds (strange bonds!) that envelops everything through space-time allows one to imagine new, eternal values and to find consolation to existential despair, but with the awareness of the parallel loss of meaning of the individual, temporal and human dimension.





Strange Relations: About the Co-existence of Languages and Cultures in Central and Eastern Europe