Network dynamics in spatial clusters. Focus on Industrial Districts of the Campania Region, Italy


  • Stefano De Falco Università di Napoli Federico II



Highly dynamic paradigms of globalization are having an increased effect on local scales. In particular, the global market has become a formidable competitor of industrial agglomerations, allowing for the division of labor between areas with different factors. However, the local dimension still seems to play a key role which requires further research insights especially with reference to the network dynamics induced by the geography of companies at a local scale.

This work reports a summary of a multi-year project (2015-2020) - financed by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development - based upon identifying potential threats to localism, as well as examining the relations of the flows established between nodes of territorial clusters. The latter analysis relates to a specific study of the industrial districts of the Campania Region, Italy.

This research is intended to characterize the inter-district dynamics as well as to detect intra-district differences between to understand if they can actually constitute a resource even in the global era.

The results of the research, although referring to a particular case, are useful in an inductive approach to suggest dynamics and models that govern similar district scenarios in many other parts of the world.