CoViD-19. Diffusione spaziale e aspetti ambientali del caso italiano


  • Giuseppe Borruso
  • Ginevra Balletto
  • Beniamino Murgante
  • Paolo Castiglia
  • Marco Dettori



CoViD-19. Spatial diffusion and environmental issues in the Italian case

This research developed from a set of questions concerning the CoViD-19 diffusion in Italy at the
beginning of 2020. Such questions concern the causes and ways of diffusion of the epidemics. In this
sense, the interdisciplinary research group tackled the question from the geographical, ecological,
health, socio-economic and demographic points of view, collecting a wide dataset of data and variables,
to be analysed by means of spatial analytical techniques. From such data it was possible to observe
regional and sub-regional critical areas in Italy, existing and potential, in terms of CoViD-19 diffusion
and distribution.