Lettura pirandelliana di una trilogia lorchiana


  • Domenico Pio Chirico




The paper starts focusing on Pirandello and García Lorca’s trilogies “theatre in the theatre” and the conceptions of theatre in the society between the two World Wars for the two authors. It underlines how the same antagonism versus the bourgeois spectators and the same metatheatral technique was used in different ways in Sei personaggi in cerca d’autore, Ciascuno a suo modo, Questa sera si recita a soggetto and in El público, Así que pasen cinco años and Comedia sin títolo. The basic idea of this work is that through the reading of Pirandello’s plays, we can better understand Lorca’a plays. The last part of the work analyses the unfinished work of Pirandello I giganti della montagna and the impossibility of poetry in the massificated society for the Italian author just as Lorca’s play Comedia sin título, in which the theatre collapsed under the force of revolution.




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Chirico, D. P. (2020). Lettura pirandelliana di una trilogia lorchiana. Status Quaestionis, 1(18). https://doi.org/10.13133/2239-1983/16845