Germinal, pour un théâtre sans drame ni roman


  • Pierre Frantz



The analysis of the adaptation of Zola’s Germinal by Jean-Pierre Vincent at the time of his arrival in Strasbourg (1975) gives the chance to develop several aspects relevant to the relationship between novel and theatre. From a formal point of view, we are going to see how aesthetics, asserted by Vincent and implemented by his staff, tends to take precedence over narration and dialogue and how, in the novel, aesthetics favours something that may seem foreign to theatre, descriptions. We will see how Vincent takes hold, so to speak, of the Brechtian theories on epic theatre, only to rework them from a new perspective; how his work aims at questioning the relationship between intellectuals and working class; how he challenges the ideas of representation and drama; finally, how he posits the idea of theatre

work as teamwork.

Author Biography

Pierre Frantz

Pierre Frantz è professore di letteratura francese all’Università Sorbonne di Parigi. È specia- lista di teatro e storia delle idee estetiche del XVIII secolo. Tra le sue pubblicazioni si ricor- dano L’esthétique du tableau dans le théâtre du XVIIIe siècle, (Paris, PUF, 1998), Le Siècle des théâtres, Salles et scènes en France, 1748-1807 e la sua monografia su Beaumarchais (Atlande 2004) oltre che numerosi articoli ed edizioni critiche (Lesage, Talma, Beaumarchais, Ché- nier, Mercier) tra cui, in corso, le edizioni delle opere estetiche e teatrali di Diderot e del teatro di Voltaire.



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