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Abitare La valle dell’Eden. Romanzo, adattamento, regia: un progetto di Antonio Latella


  • Federica Mazzocchi



The performances which originate from novels represent a particularly fertile field of in- vestigation where it is possible to observe the “re-activation” processes of the page brou- ght into play by the adaptations, the performative versions and in general by all the strate- gies of stage incorporation of the literary texts. It is evidently a relationship of exchange, in which the production is in turn redefined by the connection and by its influence. In the current situation, the productions of Antonio Latella, one of the most innovative artists in Europe, give birth to a stimulating debate on the issue theatre/novel, both for script writing script the articulation of stage writing, and for the impact on the spectator and on their receptive dynamics. Even though Latella’s association with the novel has already produced numerous performances, Steinbeck’s novel La valle dell’Eden (ERT, 2019) has been chosen as case study because it allows to focus on the continuity and discontinuity in Latella’s stage history with reference to his thematic strands and the management of time, space, actor and spectator. From this project, moreover, Latella’s specific relation with his dramaturgic collaborators emerges (Linda Dalisi in this case), his practices of dialogue and listening necessary to the generative process, and an example of that proce- dure of the study of the text and of the “shadowing” of the author defined as «the work of the detective».

Author Biography

Federica Mazzocchi

Federica Mazzocchi è professoressa associata in Discipline dello spettacolo all’Università degli Studi di Torino. Insegna ‘Studi di regia teatrale’ e ‘Teatro educativo e sociale’. I suoi ambiti di ricerca riguardano la regia teatrale novecentesca e contemporanea in Italia e in Europa, i rapporti tra recitazione e regia, e tra elaborazione drammaturgica e pratiche di messinscena.




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