Repubblica Democratica del Congo: una guerra multidimensionale


  • Luca Jourdan


The war in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), one of the most violent conflict in the last decades, is characterized by a high complexity. Consequently, the analysis of its etiology must overcome mono-factor explanations privileging a perspective able to consider the different dimensions of the crisis. This article, that does not pretend to be exhaustive, presents a synthetic analysis of some crucial etiological factors of this war. Starting from an historical perspective, the article focuses on issues such as the war economy, the problem of citizenship, the competition for land and the genesis and importation of new rebellions in the Eastern regions. The goal is to provide an interpretative framework that, despite its concision, can reflect the complexity of this war focusing on those factors that till now keep on making Congo one of the most violent and deadly country in the world.




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Jourdan, L. (2022). Repubblica Democratica del Congo: una guerra multidimensionale. L’Uomo Società Tradizione Sviluppo, 1(1/2). Recuperato da