Protagonisti e comparse nella questione dell‟Ogaden


  • Bianca Maria Carcangiu


Ogaden is a deserted territory in the East of Ethiopia, claimed by the colonial Italian government before independence and by Somalia after, on the basis of 1908 written agreements between Ethiopia and Italia. The examined subject has been divided into several phases, as well as the plot of an opera, in which the main characters go on the stage by force, meanwhile the almost timorous bit player are in the background of the stage. Thus, it has been analysed the history of the claimed territory until 1st July 1960, when Somalia became independent. The first two phases concern the whole colonial period until to defeat of Italy in the Second World War. With the ONU resolutions the final phase of the question of Ogaden begins, in which the main characters will not only be the usual western powers and Ethiopia, but also the Somali peoples will make hear their protest.They will turn into bit player/protagonists trying in vain to achieve their objective in the name of justice and freedom of the peoples, appealing to the highest personalities in the international community. The Somali peoples assumed the part of protagonist after the declaration of independence of the colonial territory, without finding a solution to the difficult controversy.




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