Update and Call for paper 2024


In the next issue (2024) Annali di Botanica will experiment a multi-section structure, to explore different dimensions to study conservation, evolution of territories, with explicit references to space and time. This path will be characterized by a systemic approach referring to the concept of "one health" and environmental sustainability.


Theme 1. Conservation: Aspects of plant ecology including: Coenology, Ecophysiology, Plant biodiversity, Phytosociology.

Theme 2. Evolution of territories - Time: Biodiversity in archeology and history, Study of territories with the active intervention of humans over time, Agronomy in history, Historical biogeography, Palaeoecology.

Theme 3. Evolution of territories - Space: Landscape and environmental planning and design, Ethics of biodiversity, Relationship between man and flora, Phylogeography, Sustainability, Sustainable agrifood systems, Nature described with increasingly innovative methods.

Theme 4. One Health: Ecosystem services, Systemic approach to standardize the use of phytocomponents in traditional medicine, Population ecology, Environmental chemistry.

Theme 5. Today for tomorrow - Best Practices and Projects: Virtuous projects of redevelopment, reforestation and conservation of biodiversity in Italy and in the Mediterranean countries, botanical gardens as instruments of education towards nature for citizenship, Sustainable architecture.


Call for Paper: open from 15th September 2023 

Median journal response time: Six months