Keynes is alive and well: a survey article


  • Alessandro Roncaglia



Keynes, uncertainty, money, Collected Works


The article reviews "The Collected Writings of John Maynard Keynes", on occasion of the recently published paperback edition of the photostatic reprint. The original edition made available to scholars most of Keynes’s writings and important parts of his correspondence, together with scholarly introductions and editorial notes. The availability of this material favoured the development of an important body of studies on Keynes and the economists who were at Cambridge in the interwar period. Biographical research shows that the development of Keynes’s theoretical views was far from linear. Therefore, any interpretation of Keynes’s thought cannot focus exclusively on his main writings and in particular on The General Theory. For this reason, the author proposes here a number of reading paths along the thirty-volumes strong collection, highlighting the development of Keynes' ideas and activities.




JEL codes: E12, B22, B31

Keywords: Keynes, uncertainty, money, Collected Works


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