• Alessandro Roncaglia



editorial, introduction, crisis, financial regulation


The article introduces the current issue of the journal, placing the different articles in context. The present issue of PSL Quarterly Review is fully devoted to problems connected to the current crisis. The papers published here are a selection of those originally presented at the Symposium “Where to direct proposals and action to make financial reforms effective for systemic resilience and sustainable growth” held in Rome on 1-2 June 2011, and revised in the light of the discussion at the Symposium and in answer to the referees’ suggestions. While the economic and policy debate continues unabated, it has very little impact on policy decisions. These are mainly taken in immediate response to specific events, while the most relevant issue, that of re-regulating the financial side of the world economy, is still in its infancy.



JEL Codes: E11, G01, B50, H12


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