Biophysics@Rome2015: Proceedings


  • Luca Businaro Italian National Research Council


Network analysis, nanopore sensing, Multi Agent simulations,


The Conference series "Biophysics@Rome", held in Rome in the Tor Vergata research area of CNR, is dedicated to Biophysics and related technologies, and is already in its second edition, having had in May 2014 a considerable success in terms of membership and contributions.The 2015 Edition (28th & 29Th May) ideally bound to the many initiatives organized in the framework of the International Year of Light and Light-based technologies (IYL 2015,, proclaimed on 20th December 2013 by the General Assembly of the United Nations.In this context, the Conference opening has been dedicated  to “light themes”, to evidence the role of advanced optical techniques in biophysics, bio-analytics and biomedicine, still preserving the final aim of Biophysics@Rome to build a robust bridge between Companies and places traditionally devoted to frontier research. This is actually the spirit that drives the inter-institute initiative of CNR “Tech4Bio”, which promotes and organizes the event.

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Luca Businaro, Italian National Research Council

CNR-UCBM Nanotechnology for life science joint lab




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