Vol. 8 (2015): Biophisics @ Rome 2015

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Researchers active mainly – but not exclusively - in the roman area gratefully ackowledge the organizers of the Biophysics@Rome Meetings the merit of providing a precious and periodical chance for exchanging and updating ideas, projects and achievements in a wide range of hot topics in their field of interest (see the Introductory Notes). We believe that the online publishing of this special issue not only perfectly meets the traditional BBL editorial policy but, particularly in the present occasion, helps in keeping a precious trace of at least some of the quite interesting contributions delivered to Biophysics@Rome 2015 Alfredo Colosimo   Index   Introductory Notes L. B. Caruso et al. “Predicting relevant functionally areas within different domains of PDI”; M. Chinappi et al. “Protein Translocation through Nanopores: Insights from Computational and Theoretical approaches”; A. Colosimo  “Neural newtwork mechanisms simulated by Multi Agent Systems”; G. Frazzetta et al.  “Implementation of a 3D Printing Software for renal anatomical structures”; R.M. Montereali et al. “Visible photoluminescence of colour centres in LiF crystals exposed to 6 MV x ray clinical beams”; A. Sabatucci et al.  “Three-dimensional structure of human 5-LOX in solution: new insights from SAXS analysis”; M. Vadrucci et al. “The low-energy Proton Beam for Radiobiology Experiments at the TOP-IMPLART facility”.
Published: 27-04-2016

Special Issue: Proceedings of a Meeting