Inni e cantici, processioni, sepolture regali: elementi di religiosità nella Gerusalemme di Guglielmo di Tiro


  • Filippo Vaccaro Sapienza Università di Roma

Parole chiave:

Crusader’s History, Outremer, Christianity, Holy Land, Holy Sepulchre


The author of the Historia rerum in partibus transmarinis gestarum, William archbishop of Tyre, focuses his treatment around political, war and diplomatic events, but, in a few tangential instances, reports religious elements. Prominent among these are references to ceremonies in the kingdom of Jerusalem, which I will study in this article. After outlining their general characteristics, I will conduct an investigation on three different levels: the repetition of a formular expression, the contextualisation of certain episodes of devotion, and the ritual of the burial of rulers.






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