In loco Calvariae: l’uso funerario del Santo Sepolcro e la costruzione dell’ideologia regale franca in Outremer nell’Historia Hierosolymitana di Alberto di Aquisgrana


  • Daniele Ricchiuti Sapienza Università di Roma

Parole chiave:

Jerusalem , royal tombs , Eastern Christians , Daibert of Pisa , Normans


Written in the first half of the XII Century, Albert of Aachen’s Historia Hierosolymitana describes the burials of duke Godfrey of Bouillon and his brother, king Baldwin I of Jerusalem, inside the complex of the Holy Sepulchre. Having outlined an overview of both the author and his work, the paper will focus on the relationship between these tombs – including their description in the text – and the elaboration of a political ideology able to justify the power and the own existence of the Latin monarchyin Jerusalem. In addition, this study will provide a structural reconstruction of these two royal monuments, looking for their morphological and typological models among contemporary funerary production.






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