La riscoperta del mondo classico attraverso il pellegrinaggio al Santo Sepolcro. Spunti per una ricerca


  • Niccolò Bizzarri Sapienza Università di Roma

Parole chiave:

Rediscovery, Classical Age , Itinerary, Holy Sepulchre, Pilgrimage


Between the late Middle Ages and the early Modern Times, the pilgrimage phenomenon towards the Holy Land grew into a primary chance for the rediscovery of long forgotten places and memories of the past. Starting from the 1486 work of Antonio da Crema,“Itinerary to the Holy Sepulchre”, this article provides a new point of view regarding the pilgrimage phenomenon. In this paper, pilgrimage is analyzed according to the Humanism values, that by that time were already widespread in all Europe. The main focus is set on the archaeological side as well as on the historical and symbolical importance took on by the places of the Ancient Greece. As a matter of fact, the rediscovery sets side by side the legacy of classical times to the Christian values carried out by the pilgrims headed to Jerusalem.






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