Per un’Europa «as a whole». Il percorso politico e intellettuale di Mary Saran, dall’internazionalismo socialista al federalismo europeo

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  • Giulia Vassallo

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Socialism, ISK, Socialist Vanguard Group, Exile, Socialist Women, Europeanism, Fabianism


This article aims to be part of that strand of studies investigating the connections between the pro-Europeanist groups of the Resistance and devoted to identifying the reciprocal influences and specific contributions to federalist debate and planning offered both as groups and individually. In such framework, special attention is paid to the figure of Mary Saran, who, in addition to representing a prominent figure in the history of democratic socialism on the female side, especially as secretary of the International Council of Social Democratic Women (ICSDW), distinguished herself for her active commitment to anti-fascist struggle, lavished as much in her native Germany as in the years of her London exile, and for her contribution to pro-Europeanist reflection in the 1930s-40s. Concerning the last issue,which represents the key element of this essay and which at the same time constitutes an aspect still little investigated by scholars, Saran, especially as the editor of the influentmonthly magazine "Socialist Commentary," was the author of two pamphlets of certain relevance European Revolution. How to Win the Peace? (1941) and The Future Europe. Power of Politics? (1943), that can be considered of great interest in enriching the historiographical debate around the reality and complexity of European federalism in the 1940s. The research was conducted with the help of the documentation on Mary Saran available at the Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis in Amsterdam.






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