Rodolfo Amprino and Giovanni Godina: Two Pupils of the Turin School of Giuseppe Levi


  • Antonio Barasa Department of Veterinary Morpho-physiology of the University of Turin


- Key words: Anatomy & Histology - Scientific Biography - History of Medicine - Italy, Anatomy & Histology , Scientific Biography, History of Medicine, Italy


The majority of the pupils of Giuseppe Levi were formed during his long years of scientific teaching in Turin (1919-1948). Of his numerous Turin pupils amongst whom are included T. Terni, O.M. Olivo, L. Bucciante, R. Amprino, A. Bairati, S. Luria, R. Dulbecco, R. Levi Montalcini, G. Godina, G. Filogamo, F. Vigliani, we recall in particular Rodolfo Amprino (1912- 2007, human anatomist at Bari University), and Giovanni Godina (1912- 2000, veterinary anatomist at Turin University), who remained close to Levi for over thirty years up to 1965. Amprino followed the teaching of the Master from the age of seventeen and acquired renown for researches into cartilage tissue, bone tissue, and experimental embryology. In addition to being recalled for his works on bone tissue and nerve tissue, Godina is recalled for his researches into in vitro culture of various tissues and of nerve tissue in particular, studied using phase-contrast microcinematography.