Archives, Photographies, Maps for Malary in Latina Province


  • Eugenia Mosillo State Archives of Latina, Latina, I.


Popes , Drainages , Malary


After an historical introduction about ancient institutional regime of present Littoria/Latina province (until 1870 organised in Naples kingdom and Papal States), this essay is going to a swift analysis of marshes who reigned all over the land from the periphery of Rome to Fondi, then transient sheperds and woodmen were the only human beings of marshy land. So teachers for that unletterd people came into these lands, and so physicians came to fight against malary, first symbiotic enemy of the man. So drainages were tried from Roman's epoch to Medioeval and Illuministic one. We'll see Popes, feudal ladies and -at last- drainage trusts, all working to improve human life before the birth of Latina province. New cities and towns were born just during these trials; after the experiences of Angelo Celli, Italian Red Cross and Istituto per il risanamento antimalarico della regione pontina, many laws looked to medical aid for workers in malaric zones ( exactly specified in topographic maps). In 1934 the Comitato provinciale antimalarico was introduced all over italian territory with the R.D. n. 1265.