A Journey through the Skill of Healing at the Historical Museum of the "Hospital Nacional de Clìnicas de Cordoba- Argentina"


  • Norma Acerbi Cremades History Museum "National Hospital of Clinics" - Faculty of Medical Sciences National University of Córdoba


Pharmaceutical History, Museums in Universities, Multimedia Interpretation


The Museum of History “Hospital Nacional de Clínicas”, from the National University of Cordoba, República Argentina, it’s charged with the knowledge continuity of the Health Science, in time and space. Its guiding motto says: “I’ll be a shield to stop the wind that wants to erase the imprint of men that shaped the history of the School of Medical Sciences by their work.” To accomplish the tasks, general and particular objectives were settled. The Museum has a Library divided in three sections: Classical, Contemporary and Virtual. It counts with a specialized Information and Documentation Centre. Courses about different topics are given as well as the course of History of Medicine for Grade and post grade careers, completing with humanistic contents, the students education exclusively scientific and technical. For high school and Bachelor students there is a program called: “Education – Apprenticeship strategies at the Museum”. These strategies are arranged to fit the programmes and levels of formal education for  educational institutions. The heritage of the Museum consists of more than a thousand apparatus and tools that served the research and instruction at the different professorships of the School of Medical Sciences. Many of them obsolete they allow us to understand the evolution of science and technique, within the broad field of  Health Science, since the creation of the School of Medical Sciences in 1877.