The Birth of Paediatric Hospitals


  • Roberto Burgio University of Pavia, I


Paediatric Hospitals , Children’s Diseases, History of paediatric hospitals


 The social revolution of Enlightment in XVIII century re-built a new image of children as human beings well – cared – for, needy of consideration, love and respect. The first books devoted to children illnesses were printed in the same century. In XIX century the first hospitals devoted to the therapy of children diseases were organised as medical centers. The first one was founded in Paris in 1802, followed by the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London in 1852. The first italian paediatric hospital was the Ospedale Bambino Gesù in Rome, founded in 1869. A long way has been covered in the last years, both in hospitals and Universities, to adequate the medical paediatric assistance to children needs and to families’ requirements. Following technical advancements in diagnosis and therapy, the hospitals have been re-tought according a style better fitting to children world. This is also the inspiration of the Study Group of the Italian Society of Paediatrics (Quality Improvement Group).