Slavic Philology and Slavic Studies: Toward a Unitary and Plural Perspective



Slavic Philology, Slavic Languages and Linguistics, Medieval Studies, History and Culture of the Slavic Countries, Comparative Slavic Studies, History of Slavic Studies, Ricerche Slavistiche


After the publication of journals such as “L’Europa Orientale” and “Rivista di letterature slave” in the 1920s-1930s, the appearance of “Ricerche slavistiche” in the early 1950s marked the beginning in Italy of an advanced academic school of Slavic studies, now fully integrated into the context of international Slavistics. Of particular significance is the conception of Slavic philology reflected in the journal, treating the Slavic world at once in its unitary and plural dimensions, in a comparative perspective whose goal is to reconcile the often incompatible paradigms of national philologies. The article outlines the main evolutionary stages of studies in Slavic philology that appeared in “Ricerche slavistiche” as paradigmatic of Italian Slavic studies as a whole, from the 1950s to the present day.





Seventy Years of History of "Ricerche slavistiche"