Iz sanktorala glagoljskog Prvog beramskog brevijara (14. st.)



First Beram breviary, Croatian Glagolitic breviaries, sanctorale, textological relationships, Glagolitic hagiographies


The First breviary of Vermo (Narodna in univerzitetna knjižnica u Ljubljani, colloc. Ms 161), from the end of the 14th century, contains a hagiographic breviary (Proprium sanctorum), the offices of the liturgical year for the feasts of individual saints and martyrs, and is one of the Glagolitic manuscripts related to medieval Vermo, in Istria. In the present article, selected hagiographic texts and passions of early Christian martyrs, apostles, Christian fathers and bishops are compared and analysed (Passion of the Apostle Andrew, Legend of St Nicholas the Bishop, Passion of the Apostle Philip, Life of James the Apostle the Lesser, Legend of St Jerome, Translation of St Jerome, Legend of St Martin), taken from Vermo's First breviary and compared with the sources and also with the offices of other Croatian Glagolitic breviaries. The critical-textual research presented on the hagiographic texts and passions shows the textual similarities and differences between Vermo's First breviary and some Glagolitic breviaries. It is emphasised that Vermo's First breviary contains longer versions of the hagiographies with a greater number of lessons and is of particular textological value for the study of the breviary's sanctoral.





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