Historical-critical considerations on the role of garden culture in sustainable tourism


  • Susanne Gervers Nuertingen-Geislingen University


tourism and gardening, emotional connectdness, garden culture, history of garden, sustainable tourism


Tourism offers individual experiences as a contrast to daily life. It is a cultural practice shaped by the desire for emotional connectedness. Besides authenticity, sustainability and health as important new trends in tourism, gardening became fashionable in the Western world, notably among youngsters. Gardens reflect different aspects of the tourist experience and, in historical perspective, they show diverse cultural experiences, ranging from enclosure and the definition of identity to invitation and co-creation in gardens. The evolution of garden culture shows a wide range of touchpoints for possible new deals in tourism. A more sustainable tourism with focus not only on the conservation of nature, but also on social and mental health, education and liberty by using the historical experiences with gardening might reform the line und might also improve quality within the tourist experience.






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