New stadiums between urban regeneration, socio-economic impact, territorial constraints




stadium, territory, urban regeneration


This work aims at summarizing the guidelines that the most recent geographical economic literature has identified in an attempt to investigate the evolution of the relationship between the latest generation of sports facilities and the economic repercussions linked to their realization. In particular, it illustrates the link between the last generation stadia, the change in their urban function, the spatial planning and finally the impact of these infrastructures in terms of environmental sustainability. The comparison of different approaches experienced in the organization of major sporting events allows to focus effectively the issues referred to. This is because the organization of international events and the construction of sports facilities linked to them represent the juncture in which potential and criticality linked to the new functional and economic dimension of the stadia find the most relevant expression territorial. The brief analysis of some concrete cases a us to understand the not always unambiguous repercussions determined by the impact of urban and suburban arenas.






Notes and Discussions