Una nuova sinistra contro il “neo-capitalismo”. Una riflessione sulle ragioni della crisi socialista e della nascita del PSIUP (1955-1964)


  • Luca Adriani Università degli studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"



Parole chiave:

Socialism, Rodolfo Morandi, Neo-capitalism, Partito Socialista Italiano, Partito Socialista Italiano di Unità Proletaria


A New Left Against “Neo-Capitalism”. A Reflection On the Crisis of Socialism and the Birth of the PSIUP (1955-1964) In order to understand the root causes of the crisis of socialism and the birth of the Partito Socialista Italiano di Unità Proletaria (PSIUP) in the years of the early center-left, it is necessary to investigate also the relationship between the theoretical approach of left-wing socialism and the evolution of the Italian economic system. Indeed, taking into account Rodolfo Morandi’s thinking as well as the
analysis of the transformations of “neo-capitalism”, it is possible to identify the elements which led the PSI’s left-wing area to oppose the official party line via an overall re-positioning of the political strategy.
This contribution aims to reflect on such a period as an irreversible crisis within Italian socialism. It also seeks to identify the  premises of a new critical culture which will impact dramatically Italian marxism itself, well beyond the period examined in this contribution.






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