Military Justice During Italian Fascism: Culture, Politics and Law in the War Courts. The Exemplary Case of Umberto Meranghini


  • Federico Goddi Sapienza Università di Roma


Parole chiave:

Military justice, Fascism, Magistrates, War courts


The history of the Italian military magistracy during the fascist wars still awaits a thorough analysis. Research on the judiciary  system often neglects military jurisdiction.
 Yet, military courts had a fundamental function during the dictatorship: the courts were instrumental for the implementation of political goals, reflecting a characteristic of the totalitarian tendencies of the fascist regime. This article aims at answering questions still debated in historiography. Until recently, too little attention has been paid to judicial documents – including files of the magistrates – which can help clarify how pervasive was fascist ideology in the management of the judicial sector, particularly in connection to military justice. In this regard, the case of the military magistrate Umberto Meranghini is exemplary. The article mainly highlights the kinds of relations established between fascist political power and military magistrates that supported the fascist repressive system.






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