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Le requisizioni tedesche di alloggi a Parigi, tra norma e pratiche: il caso di Neuilly-sur-Seine (1940-1944)


  • Giorgia Castellan Sapienza Università di Roma



In the Département de la Seine, thousands of private apartments were requisitioned as housing for German army soldiers during World War II. Focusing on a case study in Neuilly-sur-Seine, the article analyzes the impact of the phenomenon on citizens and the French administration, which attempted to regulate German housing requisitions and place them within its own legal framework.
The article focuses on the gap between this legislation and the practices put in place by the different actors involved: German military authorities, Préfecture de la Seine, tenants, and landlords. Attention to this dichotomy has made it possible to identify some discriminatory practices against Jewish tenants. The relationship between anti-Semitism and German requisitions is particularly evident in Neuilly-sur-Seine, where the occupying authorities requisitioned the homes of some Jews to house French civilians.







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