Itinerari storiografici tra Europa e femminismo. Identità, soggetti, emozioni: Luisa Passerini e Rosi Braidotti a confronto


  • Mattia Iorillo Sapienza Università di Roma


Parole chiave:

Luisa Passerini, Rosi Braidotti, Europe, Feminism, Historiography


The history of women, women’s studies, gender history have proposed some of the most significant contributions of  contemporary historiography in recent decades, outlining an original research path, also concerning the discourse about
Europe. Feminism does not fully coincide with these studies, but rather seems to operate in the ethical dimension, urging the recognition of specific instances and issues in historical research. Luisa Passerini has played a central and longstanding role in the debate on Europe that has taken place within the various twists and turns of historiography in recent decades. Themes and  studies that have often intersected with those of Rosi Braidotti, enabling an intellectual exchange that has resulted in a significant epistemological depth, which this contribution seeks to account for.






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