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Focus and scope

Italian journal of engineering geology and environment (IJEGE) is a peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes original papers concerning the numerous topics of environmental risks such as seismic risk, landslide risk, hydraulic and flood risk, groundwater resource management, soil and groundwater contamination, reclamation of contaminated land, applied geophysics, economic geology, land use, soil and rock characterization.

The Journal is devoted to researchers acting in the field of sciences and technologies applied to environmental issues, to experts working in agencies and national/local administrations and to consultants.

Participation in IJEGE is free. For submit an article please see "Make a submission" section.

IJEGE, the Editors (Chief and Associates) and the Publisher are not responsible for the ideas and opinions expressed by Authors, whose are solely responsible for the contents published in their papers.

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Peer review process

The Scientific Editor-in-chief of the journal will periodically screen all papers submitted for an preliminary review. Those papers which satisfy the editorial policies and the required quality level of the Editorial board will be sent to a maximum of two referees for peer review.

Referees are experts in the field who have agreed to provide a rapid assessment of the paper. Every effort will be made to provide an editorial decision as to acceptance for publication within 10-15 weeks of submission. IJEGE Editorial board is responsible for the final selection of referees to conduct the peer review process for that journal.

The peer review process is managed with the R.O.SA Service platform. One of the following options will be encountered:

  • 1) accepted as it is;
  • 2) accepted with minor revisions;
  • 3) accepted with major revisions;
  • 4) rejected.

If minor or major revisions are requested, it is generally understood that only one revised version can be considered for a further appraisal under the peer review system by consulting the same referees or not. IJEGE uses a single-blind peer review. The names of referees will not be made available to Authors. However, referees will be informed as to the identity of the Authors whose articles are subject to review. All members of the Editorial board and referees are asked to declare any competing interests they may have in reviewing a manuscript. If on receiving the editorial decision concerning their manuscript Authors are not satisfied they are invited to appeal to the Scientific Editor-in-chief. In cases in which this is considered appropriate a second opinion on the manuscript will be requested.

The average number of weeks between submission and online publication is 30.

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Pubblication frequency

IJEGE publishes one yearly volume divided into two half-yearly issues, in June and December. Special issues will be released with characteristics of guidelines about specific technical and scientific aspects concerning to natural hazard assessment and risk mitigation measures.

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Open access policy

IJEGE is an open-access journal, not requiring any subscriptions or reading costs. The Journal does not charge the Authors any processing and publication costs (article processing charge – APC).

From issue 1/2022, IJEGE fully adopts the Sapienza Online Journals service - Riviste Online SApienza (R.O.SA) - policy on copyright and open access.

Until issue 2/2021, the papers were published under the Creative Commons "Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike" license and authors transferred coypright to Publisher.

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IJEGE fulfills the Italian Law on legal deposit providing print copies at the National Central Libraries of Rome and Florence. For digital preservation purposes, the Journal fully adopts the Sapienza Online Journals service - Riviste Online SApienza (R.O.SA) - policy on long-term preservation.

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Indexing & abstracting

IJEGE is indexed both in Scopus and ESCI (Emerging sources citation index - Web of science). It is also indexed in GeoRef, bibliographic database of the American Geosciences Institute (AGI).

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Sponsor & sources of support

IJEGE is owned by Sapienza Università di Roma, published by Sapienza Università Editrice (SUE) with the contribution of the University. The Journal is promoted by the Research center on Prediction, Prevention ad Control of Geological Risks (CERI) of Sapienza Università di Roma and it is the official publication of the Italian Association of Engineering Geology and Environment (AIGA).

The Journal is also published under the auspices of the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG) - Italian Group.

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Journal history

IJEGE was funded in 2005.

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