The new pipes choice criteria for water distribution system


  • Mario Maiolo Università della Calabria, Italy
  • Daniela Pantusa Università della Calabria, Italy
  • Gilda Capano Università della Calabria, Italy
  • Manuela Carini Università della Calabria, Italy



Sustainable water management, environmental impacts, life cycle assessment, pipe materials, pipe/soil interaction, sustainability criteria


The water network pipeline materials evolution has introduced market innovations for improving static, hydraulic and cost performance. Over time, o the technical and cost-effective selection criteria of pipelines, related to the materialsused, has added environmental assessments linked to the construction and management phases impact. The new scientific and regulatory references have highlighted the need to carry out environmental impact assessments, particularly on the materials and works life cycle. The impacts assessment generated by a product and process, such as the pipeline for water network and integrated water systems management, requires the utilization of a complex technical and scientific supports. In the present paper, a methodology is proposed to introduce new water pipeline selection criteria in the water system sustainability assessment by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. In this study some piping materials have been selected and analyzed. The results obtained can also be used for the synthetic indexes construction, which are interest to water system design choice.




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Maiolo, M., Pantusa, D., Capano, G., & Carini, M. (2018). The new pipes choice criteria for water distribution system. Italian Journal of Engineering Geology and Environment, 123–130.

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