Technical standards for debris flow barriers and breakers


  • Florian Rudolf-Miklau
  • Juergen Suda



debris flow, torrent control, barriers function, technical standards, action and impacts on barriers, design and dimensioning


Debris flow barriers and breakers protect human settlements, infrastructure and supply lines from tor- rential disasters by dissipating the energy of debris flow (floods), dosing (filtering) coarse solid compo- nents and deflecting the flows from the areas at risk. The function and design of these structures has to fol- low the principles of the EUROCODE standards. In order to establish a comprehensive “state-of-the-art” for torrent control engineering an interdisciplinary working group (ON-K 256) was established at the Austrian Standards Institute (ASI) in 2006, which develops new technical standards for load models, design, dimensioning and life cycle assessment (tech- nical standard ONR 24800 - series). The paper sum- marizes the state of development concerning the func- tion and design of debris flow barriers and breakers.




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Rudolf-Miklau, F., & Suda, J. (2011). Technical standards for debris flow barriers and breakers. Italian Journal of Engineering Geology and Environment, 1083–1091.