From a hydrostructural analysis to the mathematical modelling of regional aquifers (central Italy)




mathematical models, mountain aquifers, alluvial aquifers, hydrostructural analysis, Central Italy


The present communication describes several regional-scale modelling experiences involving the carbonatic aquifer of Mt Coscerno and the alluvial aquifer of Petrignano d'Assisi. The aim is to highlight the principal differences and similarities in the application of mathematical models to carbonatic aquifers in mountain areas and to alluvial type aquifers resulting principally from the different availability of data. In the first case the hydrogeological balance, determined by field measurements, is usually known while direct observation of the piezometric surface is difficult owing to its extreme depth; in the second case, the piezometric surface is determined by measurement of piezometric level in wells although the aquifer balance is generally known only through indirect estimates of the effective infiltration and any other ancillary contributions (exchanges with watercourses, infiltration from boundaries, etc). The determination of the hydrodynamic parameters, wherever this is possible by means of pumping tests, in any case has only a local meaning and is influenced by the scale factor.This results in different approaches both to the processing of the conceptual model and in the phase of calibrating the numerical model: in simulating carbonatic aquifers the calibration target consists of the balance, as constrained by the geometry of the system within a reasonable range of hydraulic heads and transmissivity values. In the case of alluvial aquifers the simulation target consists of the piezometric heads within a reasonable estimate of the balance and of the range of the hydrodynamic parameters.The aim is to demonstrate that, despite the difference in approach to the reconstruction of the conceptual model, in one case based essentially on the knowledge of the balance, and in the other of the piezometric heads, the validity of the numerical models described is in our view comparable.




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Preziosi, E., & Romano, E. (2009). From a hydrostructural analysis to the mathematical modelling of regional aquifers (central Italy). Italian Journal of Engineering Geology and Environment, (1), 183–198.