Revisions to the Andrena fauna of Italy, with the description of a new species (Hymenoptera: Andrenidae)


  • Thomas Wood University of Mons
  • Christophe Praz InfoFauna – Swiss Zoological Records Center; University of Neuchâtel
  • Marco Selis
  • Simone Flaminio CREA Research Centre for Agriculture and Environment
  • Maurizio Mei University of Rome “Sapienza”, Zoological Museum
  • Maurizio Cornalba University of Pavia, Department of Mathematics
  • Paolo Rosa University of Mons
  • Romain Le Divelec University of Mons
  • Denis Michez University of Mons



endemic species, Mediterranean , solitary bees, taxonomy , DNA barcoding


Italy lies at the centre of the Mediterranean basin, and has a large bee fauna due to its mixture of Mediterranean and temperate habitats, and influences from all cardinal directions. This is true also for the genus Andrena; however, studies to date have been fragmentary, and there has been no focused critical revision of the entire fauna. Here the Italian Andrena fauna is critically revised, taking into account, recent taxonomic advances, literature records, and newly and historically collected material. Andrena (Cordandrena) cordialis Morawitz, 1877, A. (Notandrena) bellidis Pérez, 1895, A. (Notandrena) foeniculae Wood, 2020, and A. (Notandrena) fulvicornis Schenck, 1853 are newly reported from Italy. A lectotype is designated for A. (Pallandrena) braunsiana Friese, 1887 which is both confirmed as present in Italy and as the senior synonym of A. (Pallandrena) oblita Warncke, 1967 syn. nov. A lectotype is designated for A. (Orandrena) sisymbrii Friese, 1887 which is a junior synonym of A. (Orandrena) oralis Morawitz, 1876; this species is confirmed as present in southern Italy. A lectotype is designated for A. schlettereri Friese, 1896; this species is excluded from the Italian fauna. Andrena (Micrandrena) puella Alfken, 1938 stat. rev. is recognised as a distinct species endemic to Sardinia and Corsica. Some 27 Andrena taxa suggested as occurring in Italy are excluded or have their synonymic status clarified. One new species is described, A. (Euandrena) sesmae Wood, Cornalba & Praz, sp. nov. from northern and central Italy. A final faunal richness of 218 species is produced, confirming that Italy supports one of the largest Andrena faunas globally.


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Wood, T., Praz, C., Selis, M., Flaminio, S., Mei, M., Cornalba, M., Rosa, P., Le Divelec, R. and Michez, D. (2023) “Revisions to the Andrena fauna of Italy, with the description of a new species (Hymenoptera: Andrenidae)”, Fragmenta entomologica, 55(2), pp. 271–310. doi: 10.13133/2284-4880/1542.



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