Assessment of Odonate assemblages in the Agro Pontino (Latina, Central Italy) using two biotic indices (Insecta: Odonata)


  • Bruno Golfieri CIRF (Centro Italiano per la Riqualificazione Fluviale)
  • Giuseppe Dodaro CIRF (Centro Italiano per la Riqualificazione Fluviale)



dragonflies, damselflies, Odonate River Index, Odonate Habitat Index, biodiversity loss, ecological restoration , ecological assessment


Odonate assemblages were surveyed in seven sites within the context of the EU LIFE project GREENCHANGE that aims to preserve biodiversity and to enhance the ecological value of the agro-ecosystems of Agro Pontino (Latina, Central Italy) through interventions of ecological restoration. In total 16 species were recorded during the ante-operam surveys in 2019, which represent 28% of the Odonate fauna of the Lazio Region. None of them has a significant conservation interest, however Coenagrion castellani, an endemic Italian species, was observed in a small rivulet near the Pantanello site during an additional fi eld survey. The application of OHI (Odonate Habitat Index) and ORI (Odonate River Index) allowed a detailed characterization of the dragonfl y assemblages that are mainly dominated by eurytopic and euryecious species typical of standing waters. The assemblages of Pantanello and Fosso Epitaffio are notable exceptions thanks to the presence of sensitive lentic and lotic species. The main pressures affecting Odonate assemblages identified in the study area are the alterations of aquatic and riparian vegetation, the hydromorphological degradation of running waters, limited water quality and the presence of the invasive crayfi sh Procambarus clarkii.


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Golfieri, B. and Dodaro, G. (2024) “Assessment of Odonate assemblages in the Agro Pontino (Latina, Central Italy) using two biotic indices (Insecta: Odonata)”, Fragmenta entomologica, 56(1), pp. 89–98. doi: 10.13133/2284-4880/1614.



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