Chronology of the worldwide spread of a parthenogenetic beetle, Reesa vespulae (Milliron, 1939) (Coleoptera: Dermestidae)


  • Gianluca Nardi Centro Nazionale Carabinieri Biodiversità “Bosco Fontana”, Marmirolo
  • Jiří Hava Forestry and Game Management Research Institute, Strnady



museum pests, alien species, urban fauna, global warming, Attagenus fasciatus


Reesa vespulae (Milliron, 1939) is a parthenogenetic synanthropic subcosmopolitan dermestid pest native to the Nearctic region. The chronology (1942–2020) of its spread outside its native range, its general distribution and ecology are summarized and discussed. Its spread is likely to be the result of multiple introductions into the different zoogeographic regions, and secondary translocations therein; the oldest records from outside its native range are: 1942 (Australian region), 1946 (Neotropical region), 1957–1958 (Palaearctic region) and 1986–2010 (Oriental region). Reesa vespulae is excluded from the Afrotropical fauna, since the sole available record was based on a misidentification, while it is recorded from central Italy for the first time, moreover its oldest Algerian and Austrian records are provided. The need for preventive measures against dermestid infestations in natural history collections is highlighted.


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Nardi, G. and Hava , J. . (2021) “Chronology of the worldwide spread of a parthenogenetic beetle, Reesa vespulae (Milliron, 1939) (Coleoptera: Dermestidae)”, Fragmenta entomologica, 53(2), pp. 347–356. doi: 10.13133/2284-4880/564.



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