Il sentimento della crisi: un’analisi spaziale tra la Puglia e l’Emilia-Romagna


  • Valentina Albanese



The sentiment of the crisis: a spatial analysis between Puglia and Emilia-Romagna

Global communication of the pandemic has brought with it far-reaching geographical implications. The
information that acted as a bridge between the world closed in a house and the outside, determined
socio-economic behaviors in relation to all spheres of action of the human being, from travel to work
etc., with effects that they reverberate throughout the entire global economic and political system.
The perception of danger has certainly played an important role in guiding these behaviors and, for this
reason, this research analyzes the perceptions derived from communication conveyed through social
media and through an opinion mining survey.
In Europe, Italy was the first nation with a high number of infections and consequently it was the first
to establish blocking measures, for this reason it is considered interesting to study the Italian case in the
empirical part of this work, in two of its polarity, north and south, in particular in Emilia-Romagna and
Puglia regions.