Figure di sovranità, sovranità di figure. Su Un re in ascolto di Calvino


  • Nicola De Rosa



Calvino prepares the different drafts of A King Listens in the context of the turbulent partnership with Luciano Berio, for a “musical action” to be presented at the Salzburger Festspiele in 1984. In the text, the king’s “ear-palace” tends to encompass everything that surrounds it and it functions as a synecdoche of the character himself. On the one hand, we witness the phono-sensorial experience which claims its value as knowledge, on the other, the drama of the sovereign and sovereignty, united by the morphological fact of an overload of figures and concepts. In Italy’s socio-political anxiety at the late 1970s, in which the con- ception of A King Listens falls, the text seems to violently problematize the modalities of

knowledge of a more or less ‘sovereign’ subject.

Author Biography

Nicola De Rosa

Nicola De Rosa studied Modern Philology at University of Naples Federico II and Music Disciplines at Conservatory of Naples San Pietro a Majella. He is postgraduate fellow at Ita- lian Institute for Philosophical Studies. His main research interests lie in inter artes studies, especially the links between literary and musical space, in the representation of power and political conflict in late 20th century Italian fiction, and in literary theory issues.


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