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"Ricerche slavistiche" is the oldest Italian Slavic journal. It was created in 1952 by the founder of Slavic philology in Italy, Giovanni Maver. For a long time it was characterised by the centrality given to the philological study of texts, which corresponded to the formation of this discipline and its articulation during the 20th century. It now proposes itself as a place for in-depth study and scientific debate in a different historical context, where the roots and traditions of Slavic languages and cultures in Europe can be studied in their reciprocal relations and intersections with the non-Slavic cultural traditions of the area - with the cultures of the Germanic area, the Baltic area and the Balkans in their non-Slavic expressions - up to investigating their contemporary results.


call for papers volume 5 2022

70 years of "Ricerche slavistiche": a look at the past and the present "Ricerche slavistiche", founded in 1952 by the father of Italian Slavic Studies, Giovanni Maver, was the first and for a long time the only Slavic journal in Italy. Directed first by Maver, then by Ettore Lo Gatto, Riccardo Picchio, Sante Graciotti, Mario Capaldo and Janja Jerkov, in its seventy years of existence it has welcomed hundreds of essays and reviews by the most eminent Italian and foreign Slavists, and has constituted a precious place for an international dialogue and scientific exchange. The themes of the essays published in the journal cover all eras and all aspects of the Slavic world, making an invaluable contribution to the development of Slavic studies. On the occasion of the journal's seventieth anniversary and in view of the digitization project of all its volumes, it seems appropriate to dedicate the 2022 issue to a reflection on its history and on the contributions relating to the different areas that have appeared over the decades. Therefore, proposals are welcomed both for articles that analyze the diachrony and evolution of the various areal, thematic and methodological strands present in the journal, and for essays of a wider nature that speak of the historical significance of "Ricerche slavistiche", of the circumstances of its birth and the dynamics of its development, its importance in the Italian and international academic field. Please send your proposals (containing no more than 350 words) to ricercheslavistiche.seai@uniroma1.it by 30 November 2021. The articles accepted for publication must be delivered by 30 April 2022. Each article cannot exceed the 45,000 characters, including spaces. The language of publication is Italian; English can only be taken into consideration for contributions from abroad.   The same deadlines and guidelines apply to the articles not belonging to the monographic part of the issue. In this case the proposed text may be written in Italian, in any Slavic language or in English.   Read more about call for papers volume 5 2022